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Hypnosis, also known as Hypnotherapy, is a method of inducing a trance or a dream-like state of deep relaxation in order to treat disorders of a mainly psychological or emotional origin. Hypnosis can help you change attitudes, perceptions and behaviours. it can be effective in treating a range of medical and psychological issues including:  Anxiety, Asthma, Chronic Pain, Fears and Phobias, Smoking, High/low blood pressure, Insomnia, Panic attacks, Stress, Migraine, Obesity, Sleep Problems, Financial Problems, stuttering, Relationship issues and many more..

How does Hypnosis work?

Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness where the person in TRANCE tends to get absorbed in the object of awareness with relative suppression of peripheral awareness. There is a change in the brain wave activity similar to that moment after which one drifts into deep sleep. This state just before drifting into deep sleep is called ALPHA STATE. Brain's waking state is BETA, just as you are going to sleep it changes to ALPHA, then to THETA and onward to DELTA, the state of DEEP SLEEP. 


The ALPHA STATE is the TRANCE STATE and is a very dreamy & pleasant state in which the mind is very open to suggestions/visualization and creating a rich sensory experience. Hypnotherapy is therapy provided under trance state by way of giving necessary affirmations and suggestions for bringing about desired behavioral changes in the patient.

Past life regression

Past Life Regression Therapy works on the premise that all of us have lived many lifetimes in past, that is before our present life on Earth plane and that we carry the burden of our past life traumas in the form of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual residues. These residues manifest in the form of phobias, unexplained pains, relationship issues etc etc in our current life.
The patient is regressed, under hypnosis, to the life/ event linked to presenting current life problems and is made to relive past traumatic events. Witnessing of these past traumatic events from current perspective leads to realization and thus resolution of problems/issues.

Life between lives

The reality of reincarnation has now been established, and a number of cases have been investigated which strongly validate the details of a past life uncovered during deep hypnotic regression. Life Between Lives therapy is used to explore the period from the death of one earth life and the start of the next life – THE AFTERLIFE.


Pioneer in this field, Dr. Michael Newton laid down the procedure in his book Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression. Many other therapists have also compiled their client experiences during Life between Lives regressions. All these books show a remarkable commonality among the hundreds of accounts of the afterlife obtained by their authors, which strengthens their collective credibility. This therapy deals with subjects such as:
The death process - Reception of the newly-arrived soul - Ways spirits connect with and comfort the living - Organization of souls and spiritual advancement in the afterlife - Spirit guides and angels - Selection of a new life - Soul mates - Purpose of life - Perceptions of the Creator - The birth process.

Future Life Progression

Future Life Progression allows you to get insights into your future. Unconscious mind is not subject to time as the conscious mind is. The conscious mind replays memories in a linear fashion which gives the impression of time however the unconscious mind can recall memories regardless if they are from the past, present or future. 

Through therapeutic techniques you can recall memories in order to retrieve guidance and feedback.You can explore your most probable future, if you continue along the same path you are on now and look into the future not only of current life but your future reincarnations as well. 

This gives an opportunity to recognize any changes you need to make in order to ensure that you achieve your greatest success and happiness. You can explore alternative life paths to see what other opportunities may be available to you. You can examine your past, present and future to find any recurring issues that have hindered your progress on  spiritual path throughout time and enable you to resolve them immediately. You can tap into your own future wisdom and talents and create your own destiny. 

Entity de-Possession Therapy

Entity de-Possession Therapy, popularly known as Spirit Releasement Therapy, uses hypnosis to open up a safe communication with any energies that do not belong with a person and a therapeutic discussion ensues, allowing the energy to be gently released into the LIGHT. Spirit releasement is a therapy, not a rite. Unlike exorcism it comes from a position of compassion, not confrontation. It aims both to free the client and to assist the attached discarnate entity to continue on its spiritual journey.

Use of hypnosis in treatment of patients possessed by outside entities was first described by Edith fiore in her book "The Unquiet Dead". Fiore had earlier written about past lives, and her work came from this perspective. Dr William Baldwin, influenced by Fiore's work, took things further, particularly in categorising the different human and non-human entities and in developing protocols for clinical use.

Spirit release derives from a pragmatic approach to therapy. Alternation between embodiment on Earth and blissful existence in the spirit world, preparing for reincarnation, is the essential pattern. At death the human spirit usually passes to the LIGHT, the white brilliance seen in a Near-death experience (NDE). However, the discarnate spirit may not always go into the LIGHT especially if the life has ended with shock, confusion or unresolved issues. Spirit may stay behind with the clear intention of attachment, perhaps out of concern for a relative or to satisfy an addiction, even for revenge. As a result they can be stuck on the earth plane and, not knowing where else to go, will be attracted to a living person displaying similar energy. Family sex abusers seem commonly to attach to their victims. Suicidal people are often seen to have with them spirits who encourage suicide.

Vulnerability to spirit attachment varies from person to person, according to predisposition, health and circumstances. People with strong and healthy auras are generally impervious to spirits of a lower frequency. Illness, injury, drugs, emotinal disturbance and the presence of attached spirits may cause lowering or impairment of resistance. Organ transplant recipient may receive the spirit of the donor. Certain people seem to attract spirits, often from those who, during life, had a similar problem. For instance those who have suffered sexual abuse may be drawn together. In other cases attachment may appear to be purely accidental, for no apparent reason at all.

Sometimes an apparently earthbound spirit may indicate that its body lives. Soul fragments of living people may attach to others and have a controlling effect.

In addition, there are non-human entities, both positive and negative. The latter may attach to human souls, in and out of the body and cause troublesome effects. People may also be affected by curses or subject to pacts, which they have made in this or in a precious life.

Negative thought forms may cause difficulties and may appear as images symbolising fear, anger, destructiveness and other negative forces. 

Attached entities/ spirits do not have the ability to help the host. They often bring along their own emotional problems, addiction or physical symptoms causing unexplained manifestations in the host. They are simply "stuck" and are unable to leave without assistance. 

At Mind Access, we combine Spirit/ Entity Release with Past Life Regression Therapy to release attached entities prior regressing the client to a past time. During hypnosis, spirits communicate with the therapist using host's voice, sometimes in distinctive tones. If the entity regresses to a former time, the host may have matching experience.


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