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War is not the solution to any problem!

Before I give details about my journey I would like to thank Dr Shalini & Capt.Avinash for guiding me & for such an amazing journey.

When I came here for session I thought I'll sleep for a while & go back, but in my trance I actually travelled. At first moment I thought it was all my imagination but I trusted my feelings and went ahead.

I first regressed to year 1671, saw myself as a female living in a village called Kudunal somewhere in South India. My friends were calling me Tirumala & I was near sea stading on a rock. I was wearing a knee lenght saree, with some jewellery on my nose & ears. My physical body & face were completely different but I could strongly feel that was me. I was about to jump into the sea for fun.Then I saw that I was there with my friends to collect some corrals, shells & pearls from deep ocean . That's how we usually play. Few guards were there who then took me to my house which was huge & full of servants & my family. I felt my mother from present life was my grandmother in this life. My father was sitting on a swing. Bcoz I was playing outside with my friends in sea I was wet & covered with sand. My mother asked few female servants to take me for bath.The bathroom was huge. My grandmother gave some leafy paste in a bowl to those ladies & they started putting it on my body. It was strong but beautiful smell & some oil was mixed in it. I have smelled this oil from my friends too as if all of our houses prepare this oil at home. It was not coconut oil for sure but some strong smelling oil. Everything was so perfect. I used to dance, sing and play with weapons. My family loved me so much. My younger brother from present life was also my younger bro in this life. I was so damn happy & then one day I saw I'm getting married to a black, strong, ugly guy. No one was happy about my marriage not even myself but I still got married bcoz of my father & I guess that was the last day when I ever sung or danced or was happy. I was 23-24 when I got married. After that I saw I was 37 years old with 3 kids, 2 daughters & a son. My husband is 50-55 yrs old ugly person, not a good human being at all. I never felt happy or safe or even good with him ever. I was working hard, handling all the farms, servants & our property. I was wearing too much of jewellery but was not happy with that rather I was feeling suffocated. After this incident I saw my death when I was 65. I was sick, some breathing problem was there & I was too fat. But I was feeling light & happy after my death . When I saw my body I couldn't imagine how could I be in this sick & sad body for so long. But after death the feeling of joyfulness was there. It was so bright & light inside there & I was going high. I have no words to explain that exact feeling. From this life journey I got to know why I was not able to pursue my hobbies also I was finding difficult in searching a right life partner for me. I learnt a good lesson from this journey that I need to love myself more & pursue my heart & get married to a person with whom I feel happy, joyful & complete.  Now I recognise this exact feeling.

After this life I saw myself going high & then I was in mother's womb, I was 5 months in womb, was feeling safe warm & happy. Then I grew up gradually. My mother & father were white people. I could hear some music in womb as if someone is playing piano. Then I was 6 yrs old boy playing in a playground,  actually was trying to learn horse riding.  I could see too many horses there & many guys were riding a horse. It was 1600 AD. My name was Eddy & my father was in army. After that I saw I was 16 yrs old kid & few wild animals attacked our camp. Many people were running towards them with weapons & fire. I was hiding somewhere with my father's gun though I couldn't handle it properly still I tried firing but hurt myself. I just wanted to save those animals & my people too & I strongly knew that I can do that but when I was about to jump into that battle my mom came & held me so tight that I wasn't even able to move. I tried convincing her that I can stop this but she didn't let me go. I was feeling angry but I knew she loved me so much that she will never let me harm myself. At this point of time Dr. Shalini asked me that if I was given a chance how would I have stopped those animals & she asked me to do so...I imagined that my mom set me free & I ran towards those animals with fire in my hand. Then at a safe distance I gathered some dry sticks & lighted them. I got a big stick with me & drew a line & I was staring at those animals. I don't know exactly which animals were they but from tiger family. I was staring at them & they were staring at me. By drawing line I showed them that this was my area & they should go back to the deep forest where they belong. They were roaring at me & I was doing the same thing. After few moments they all left silently. Everybody gathered around me & was happy for me. After this I saw I was 27 yrs old & was in battle. This war was between two communities. Someone fired at me near chest area & I died. I could see my body, a young white handsome guy but this time I wasn't happy dying bcoz I knew this isn't my end. War was not the solution for any problem. I could have made them all understand this. They all were grown up people. They could have sat & discussed their issues, whatever political differences they have, they could have resolved it without war. My father & mother from present life were my parents in this life & I was the only child. My father was always in favour of war but my mother always taught me love & peace. I was so close to my mom & I loved her so much. I knew she will be very sad bcoz of my death but I justed wanted to tell her that "mom you were always right, war is not the solution for anything, there is always love & peace which are true nature of human being & I love you so much mom & I promise you I'll always be there with you". This feeling of mine was so strong that I was almost in tears in my trance. My life journey solved my few issues from this life. I was always afraid of animals after a certain age bcoz my mom says I was too friendly with them as a child so she started inserting that fear in me out of her love & care. Whenever I'm with nature I could feel I'm one of them like merging with them but there was always something missing. After this journey I'm sure I'll be joyfully enjoying my true nature towards animals & Mother earth. My father & I had lot of differences in this life too though we love each other very much but different opinions are still there. Its from my past life. My mom is very close to me & her teachings are still same. I got one very important insight from this past life of mine: In my current life I have a slight deformity, unexplained medically, exactly in the same spot where I was fatally hit by bullet during the war. This life journey was short but I learnt so many things.

After this I directly progressed to year 2027 where I saw myself riding a royal enfield in Ladhak with my husband sitting behind me. I'm happily married to this man for 12-13 years. Going back in time a few years I saw when I meet him. I meet him in a function.  We both were taking food & get involved in friendly conversation. I could see myself,  I was looking so beautiful. He was tall, fair, handsome & very smatly dressed. I couldn't see his face but he was peaking english with a foreign accent. I recognise the feeling. Now I know how to find my life partner. Next I see myself sitting quietly in meditation near Mansarovar, I amm 60-65 yrs old. It seems that I'm a very enlightened & peaceful person by then & I know the art of leaving this body peacefully & travelling ahead. Though I was not allowed to continue my journey but I knew it was very happy & joyful ahead.

After all these past & future life journeys I finally met my spiritual guide. He was always there around me but I was not allowing him to connect bcoz of my disbelief but now I know how to connect to him & he'll always guide me. I named him Shiva, my friend,  my guide. He's not any physical body only a source of strong energy & bright colourful light. This energy helped me to clear all the negative clusters in my body which were there since so long specially in my brain & abdomen region. These negative clusters were causing me problms like memory loss & other stomach & abdomen related issues. But now I'm completely out of it. I also received my messages. Now I know my path. 

I specially want to thank & offer my gratitude to Capt.Avinash along with my masters & spirit guides who actually guided me & helped me heal myself. When I was awake from my trance I thought I was lying there for just an hour but then I saw the watch & I was really surprised to know that it was almost 5 hrs I was in trance.

This journey of my life is amazing & memorable.  I got all the answers for all my queries & after this session I'm feeling much more positive & joyful. Thank you once again both of you. I would like to come soon for future progression.


ARB/ Female/ 30 Years/ Unmarried

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