• Shalini Verma

Improvement of academic performance and reduction of exam-anxiety through Hypnotherapy

Case 1:

Subject: Boy/ 17 YO

Subject boy’s parents had contacted about 5 months before 12th std board examinations. During entire 11th std and 4 months into 12th std this boy was very poor in studies, getting around 3 or 4 marks out of 100 in key subjects and not at all interested in studying. Hypnotherapy session was conducted in Oct that year, specific suggestions/ affirmations were given under trance. Boy appeared for board exams in March, results declared in May, PASSED WITH 67.7%. Currently he is happily pursuing computer engineering in a reputed college near Delhi.

Case 2:

Subject: Boy/ 21 YO

Subject boy is currently in 2nd year of Engineering in a reputed college. His performance in first year was very poor, having failed in 2 subjects in First Year final exams. He was finding his studies boring and beyond his capabilities. Also teacher’s attitude towards him was troubling him a lot. His overall attitude had turned negative with lots of disagreement and friction at home. 

Post-hypnotic suggestions were given during therapy session. Substantial improvement was reported by his parents within 2 weeks of the session. He has started showing more interest in studying; his behaviour at home towards his family members too has changed dramatically.

Case 3:

Subject: Boy/ 12 YO

Although this subject was doing well academically, his parents brought him for his forgetfulness, his timid behaviour in public/ peer group and for further bolstering him academically. Suitable post hypnotic suggestions were given. Boy is now reported to be more attentive, focussed and quite confident in public. 

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