• Shalini Verma

Suicide is not the answer

Subject: Female/ 39yrs/ Married/ Govt employee/ has a son (few months old)

No specific problem, but always believed that “koi bhi shadi ke baad khush nahin reheta, 

Shadi ke baad jindagi kharaab ho jati hai” (nobody is happy after marriage, life is not good after marriage), did not want to get married but due to social pressures and a desire to have a child finally married at the age of 37. She is not leading a normal married life, she stays here with her parents and her husband works abroad, she is quite happy with this arrangement.


She went into trance quickly, found herself as a Korean woman in year 1920. 

Saw her 5/6 months old son playing in her house. When enquired about who else lives 

with her, she replied ‘nobody’. I asked her to move back in time when she first met the 

father of the child. She went four years back and saw herself dressing up for a dance show. 

After the performance she saw herself sitting with few friends and sipping coffee.

She recognized one of the friends as her boyfriend whom she married later in a church. 

She saw few glimpses of her taking stroll in a garden with her husband and living happily. 

On instructing her to move further to a significant event, she reported that she is going in 

a car with her husband and they met with an accident where her husband died. She too was injured and was pregnant. Her sister took care of her to recover. Later she gave birth to her son whom she recognized as her son of this life. She found her life very difficult and 

felt after marriage her life was spoiled. She committed suicide, by jumping from the roof 

in 1925. Her son was four years old at that time.

I asked why she committed suicide, and now who will look after her son, she said that her sister will take care of everything. She could see her wounded body and her out of the body experience was very good.

Moving her further, she found herself peaceful, happy, taking rest somewhere. She did not see any light, and felt that she has to stay in this place and has to take rest. (I guessed this was the place where souls have to spend time, if past life death is due suicide)


1) Understood why she had an aversion towards marriage.

2) Realized she should’nt have committed suicide, leaving her son alone. Now in this life 

    she has to complete the unfinished job of bringing him up, the reason why he has come to her again.

3) She was thankful that this life is much better and she is quite capable of taking care of 

    her son now.


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