• Shalini Verma

Relief from Phobias and Unexplained Pains

Subject: Female/ 51 yrs/ Employed/ Married

Presenting Problems: 

1. Vertigo

2. Acrophobia

3. Aquaphobia

4. Unexplained constant pain in both calves

5. Relationship issues with spouse

6. Recurrent dreams of plane crashing at sea


In all 3 sessions were conducted as follows:

1. Prep session

2. 2nd session (7 days after 1st): Went into trance easily. During scanning detected 2 

    attachments, 1 in each calf, both released into light. Regressed to a life as a German 

    Pilot. Crashed into sea and died of drowning along with the co-pilot. Recognised co pilot as her present life younger daughter. 

After a week reported:

- major relief from Vertigo, dizziness/ nausea 

- complete relief from calf muscle pain

- complete relief from lethargic feeling

- dreams of plane crash stopped completely

3. 3rd session (12 days after 2nd): Regressed to a life as a priest in Kali Temple in a village 

    near Calcutta. Had major relationship issues with his mother whom she recognized as current life husband. Although sworn to a life of brahmacharya got involved with a lady but due to mothers scheming was not able to unite with her, due which developed tremendous hatred and ill feeling towards the mother. Recognized this lady as her current life elder daughter. Died at 47 in Calcutta of TB feeling guilty for ill treating his mother and took a decision to re-incarnate to make amends with her. Said the purpose of her present life is to balance past karma and to break the karmic cycle. 


1. Understood why she always has conflict and difference of opinion with her husband though they love each other and lead a normal married life. 

2. Understood the reason for conflict between husband and elder daughter.

3. Understood the reason for younger daughters' acrophobia and aquaphobia.

4. Understood she herself has chosen this life for making amends with past life mother.

Finally she left with absolute confidence that all her issues will be resolved to her satisfaction.


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