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Subject: Female/ 42 yrs / Single - never married / Management Consultant

Presenting issues:

1. History of recurring severe abdominal pain without any medical explanation requiring frequent hospitalization

2. Fear of water, darkness and small/ confined spaces (Claustrophobia)

3. Recurring dreams of:

a. water

b. being in outer space and getting crushed by a large object      

4. Relationship issues with:

a. Family - Living on her own, away from parents and other family members. Parents have maintained no meaningful contact with her.

b. SONIYA (name changed), a colleague at work - Initially Soniya helped her with her problems but in turn controlled every aspect of her life, hindering her growth.

c. Finds difficult to trust others; feels people have harmed her despite she doing good to them.

Other issues:

1. An aged “Tantrik” used to visit her place when she was very young for performing some rituals; he developed a liking for her and wanted her to marry him, she and her mother refused and threw him out of the house. He left cursing. Feels he did some black magic on her because of which she is suffering in life.

2. Recently got offers to get into acting and film direction; would like to find out whether to accept or not.

3. Desirous of getting married and settling down in life.


Client went into trance easily and regressed to following 5 past lives.

1st Life:

1711 AD in Denmark. Saw herself as a famous and powerful Royal Priest, King’s favourite . Identified one of the King’s ministers as Soniya. Minister was jealous of his being King’s favourite but he used to like him. Minister managed to influence the King and told him to hang the Priest. He came to know of King’s intention and fled. Finally saw himself falling from a broken chariot, rolling down a slope and hitting his abdomen against a tree resulting in a lonely death. After death “Winged Lights” took him to a place “full of lights”. Identified the King as the current life Tantrik.

Lesson learned: Not to trust and keep doing good always.

2nd Life:

1912 AD in Chandigarh. Saw herself as a 24 year old woman married to a “nice” man with 4 kids. Died due to miscarriage at the age of 31, with severe pain in abdomen.

3rd Life:

100 AD in Greece, man, 29 yrs old, successful architect. Designed an underground vault for King to hide the treasure. After the treasure was placed in the vault, he was pushed inside by one of the king’s men and entrance sealed. Identified this man as Soniya. Died in darkness remembering his family. Identified his then kids as her current life brother and sister.

Lesson learned: No one is faithful. Lots of people are jealous of my success.

4th Life:

When asked to go to the root cause of relationship issue with Soniya she saw herself in space and narrated as follows:

“Am a Meteor, very hot, am crashing against some planet with great force, burning planet is pulled by a star and destroyed. That planet is SONIYA and is not happy with the destruction. It was not my fault. Planet’s gravity pulled me. I too got destroyed”.

5th Life:

1220 AD in African town called GAO. Saw herself as a male, naked, clinging on to some roots in a flooded jungle.  Could not find any food or water, fell into water dehydrated and very weak and drowned.

Described after death scene as follows:

“Soul is taken away by light birds, flying with me, I have no body, its like paper, I can see through, am very light. There are lights glittering everywhere. Angels are there, full of light”.

INTEGRATION (Insight and understanding):

1) Death due to abdominal injury in Denmark life and due to miscarriage in Chandigarh life reason for current life’s unexplained abdominal pain.

2) Poor relationship with Soniya due to past Karmic residues.

3) Fear of darkness and claustrophobia due to entombment in Greece.

4) Fear of water due to drowning in Africa.

5) Trust issues due to betrayal in Greece and Denmark.

6) Received messages and answers concerning her future, marriage and profession.


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