• Shalini Verma

Given Below are the details of my PLR experience with Ms. Shalini Verma

Updated: Feb 13, 2019


Feeling of lack of love and trust in the marriage life... lack of understanding and faith. 

Husband was cheating with his earlier girlfriend in the initial 9 months of the relationship. 

Hence a lot of pain and confusion weather to leave him or continue.

If I am supposed to walk out of the relationship, then please give me courage to do so, as I am unable to walk out of the relationship even after deciding to do so many times before. Before my session Ms. Shalini Verma asked me to clearly decide in my mind the questions for which i was seeking answers


My session started with Ms. Verma guiding me to relax every muscle in my mind, thereafter guided me to rise above my body and float to a beautiful garden, scan my body for any blockages and then move into my past life

First I saw myself as a boy,a shepherd in a village in new England, my parents were my this life parents. From there I was picked up by an elderly man and taken to the city. I was very interested in his business and made lots of profits. He rejoiced in my work and wanted me to continue with him always. He got me married to his daughter. In the next scene I saw myself not very happy with my wife, I was rushing to office always. I was having a very intimate and deep relationship with my secretary. In another scene I realised that I had told the old man and his daughter clearly, that I am in love with another lady and cannot fulfill marriage duties to his daughter. Both father and daughter agreed to this arrangement and that is how I got married to her. 

I always loved the secretary and had a good intellectual relationship with her. She is my sister in this life. In the next scene, I saw that my wife in that life was secretly in love with me, she used to wait for me for many hours at home, but I was reluctant to get close to her. I wanted to be faithful to the lady I truly loved. 

In the next scene, I see that my wife had a baby, but that is not my kid. She had a short affair with somebody. But she brings up the kid as my son( this is my present life husband's ex girlfriend). In the last scene I see myself in death bed, with my wife and my secretary besides me. And after my death, my master came and took me to GOD. When God asked me for what I want, I said I wish I could have given a lot more happiness to my wife. He said thats what my THIS life is for. I asked GOD later what should I do, He said I should trust him to provide me with a loving, caring, 

trustful and romantic husband. I was finding it difficult to trust. Ms. Shalini Verma helped me here and guided me to a meditation technique to increase my trust. I also spoke with my husband at a sub-conscious level and by the end of the session I had decided to continue my marriage and live with my husband for life. 


The difference is that now I can live with him peacefully and it has brought a lot of joy into my life. I also find it easy to trust him now. 

Thankyou Shalini ma'am for all your support, You were there with me throughout the PLR which resulted in such magical gains. My gratitude to you cannot be expressed in words.

Cheers to LIFE :)


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