• Shalini Verma

I have noticed numerous changes in me

Feedback from client 4 weeks after the session:

I am writing this mail as feedback to the session that we had on 14 June, 2014.

Prior to the session, my life had pretty much hit rock bottom. I had smoking and drug problems and various mental and physical issues. I also had many misgivings about my identity, priorities in life and relationship problems.

Capt. Verma conducted an informal Q&A session where I explained my problems to him. He then explained to me the various stages of therapy and how he hoped he could help me.

The session was conducted on 14th June and lasted for about 4 hours. Capt. Verma guided me into a state of deep hypnosis and then the treatment began. I must say it was quite a unique, albeit very soothing experience for me.

1 month after the session had concluded, I have noticed numerous changes in me.

The most notable change is clearing of all confusion and clarity of thought. Earlier I had lots of misgivings about things like whether I should go spiritual in my life, whether I should consider marrying my girlfriend, whether she is my soul mate etc. Not only have I gotten answers to all these questions, it seems to me that my turbulent mind has calmed down. I am able to think more clearly and it is much easier to make choices and decisions. I have also started enjoying solving mathematical puzzles once more, a love that had been lost quite a long time ago.

As per my smoking and drug related problems, I have not had weed or any other drug since the session. Sure once a while I have a peg or two of alcohol, but the urge to smoke weed, which was so strong even 2 months back had subsided. I have also managed to cut down form 25 cigarettes a day to about 10.

So I would say the session had helped me to come out with a much more positive outlook towards life, something which I would not have believed possible even 1 month back.


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