You Changed My Life 

My session has completed 21 days, so I would like to inform you the result of that session. Now my thought process is completely changed, and positive energy is working out in this period.

Before the session:

(1)  I was always frustrated with my family and friends, now I am in totally relaxed mood, just like when you format a CD. What I mean to say is that you washed out negative thoughts from my mind and fed it with positive thoughts.

(2)  I was always afraid about black magic and attacks that I had suffered in my life in past. After that session, I understand the reality of negative energy, which exists in my thinking process, and how you protected me by providing positive energy in my thinking process.

(3)  I used to feel guilty conscious about my personal things that I shared with you. Now I understand the connection of my closest friends and husband in this life as they connected with my past life in another role. And now, they are with me in another role. 

So overall in this session I lost nothing. But I gained a lot. I am very happy with my present role which is given by God. There is no guilty conscious for my closest friend as they were related with me in past life, and thanks to Shalini ma’am and Capt. Avinash and special thanks to my spiritual guides who helped me in solving my problem.
In my working place, before the session, I was irritated at work with non co-operative team. Now I work as a team handler and also a new team, which is very good.

My health (joint pain) has improved. Finance relaxation, good sleep, morning-evening no fight with husband, old friend again called me, our relatives are again in contact with me.

I was also not interest in getting my sons married, but after the session, I have changed my thoughts about that matter and started to think about getting my sons married. 

Mira M