I have come out a much calmer and positive person

I am writing to you about my whole experience of the PLR session I undertook last week under your guidance .

To start with, I have always been a believer in this idea of rebirth and so when I encountered a roadblock situation in my life recently, I was drawn to this idea even more and decided to look for solutions to this form of alternate therapy.

I had a very nice experience going through this whole exercise under your and Dr Shalini's guidance. The prep session conducted by you both initially was very helpful in dispersing doubts and inhibitions from my mind. During the PLR  session also, I was made to feel very safe and comfortable, hence I could completely let go and be taken on this amazing journey by my spirit guides.

I encountered, through hidden memories, 5 of my previous births, getting most of the answers I had been seeking. I was also fortunate enough to get in touch with the source and my Masters. 

I have come out a much calmer and positive person after going through this experience. Its helping me change my general outlook towards the situations in my life presently and hopefully with this attitude I will come out a winner. 

I am deeply grateful to you and Dr Shalini for guiding me through this journey.