Regression to Roman Era

SUBJECT: Male/ 43/ Married/ Engineer

REASON FOR PLR: Curious to know his life's purpose and to find certain answers related to career.

Went into trance easily and saw himself as a Roman Warrior/ 34 yrs of age, in the year 24 BC. 
Reported his name as LUCIUS and the year as XXIV when asked about the time he was in. Further 
reported his then father as is his uncle, then mother, aunt and then sister, niece (sister's daughter) 
now. Died at the age of 79 yrs. He also had a profound Life between Lives (Spirit World) experience.

LESSONS/ INSIGHTS (in his own words while under trance): 
1. Love is the greatest
2. All that I need is already given but I should believe and learn to utilize
3. Decide and stand on my decision rather than be swayed by others

The overall impression of the experience is one of the AWE and WONDER coupled with the feeling 
of immense love. I am left with a feeling of immense gratitude for all the love that I now fully 
realise surrounds me in every moment. 
Life is precious, love is the greatest. 
Faith will bring all things to happen but we must believe. 
Your life is not an accident. 
You are meant to be.